Sunday, May 9, 2010

Saturday, May 8, 2010

i have a dog...and Jasper is his name...

100_1546.JPGG100_1549.JPG100_1550.JPG100_1547.JPG100_1551.JPGI don't have children....I don't cook and hate to clean. I travel...ALOT and I work ALOT.
For most of my life I have done "other things" when I say "I bought a dog"....this is a big, big step!
Enter "Jasper" a beautiful 7 week old Border Collie which we purchased yesterday. (Thanks Audrey for his perfect name....)
I am determined to start "puppy school" next week as this is a very, very smart breed.
I am sure he will love his new home here at Hazelwild-our 50 acres of sub-tropical Queensland paradise.
Stay posted for his progress...
btw...he's already spent an afternoon with me at Harmony House my studio and I'm sure he ate at least a few beads and perhaps a cut stone or two....
"good doggie...."

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