Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lions, and Tigers and Bears....O' Yes!

Can a person have too much animal print in their life? Probably. But I love my leopard lounge chair, numerous animal print shoes and scarves and jackets…OK, maybe a little obsessive. I do however subscribe to the “1 animal print” rule which says, add the shoes but not the belt. Throw on the scarf but nix the matching earrings. In my opinion when it really works is when a single piece is added to an overall wardrobe look as the “one special touch”. Having said this, my lovely friend Karin in California has a whole animal-safari room in her home and it totally works!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Art Deco... Love the look and feel of it....

I love Art Deco, and although I don't really know that much about it...I know it when I see it. My brother Scott has a pretty amazing collection of real Art Deco lamps and prints and they are spectacular in design and style. I just finished this pendant and feel it has that "art deco" flair...and although not designed to be worn on the head, I love the creative art deco feeling my model Christie has given to the piece by wearing it as a headband. The top stone is a hand cut hematite stone, and the bottom piece is a vintage dress clip with rhinestones, which I've set in Sterling Silver.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Finally the Answer to my WardRobe Dilema....The Balloon Dress of Course

This little fashion free fall was sent to me by my brother. Just when I opened up my closet today, and could not find a thing to wear-Could this be the answer to all my wardrobe problems?
My mind whirls with thoughts of designing just the right pair of earrings to go with each dress...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rainy Day, Happiness and Flower Power!

Rain and more rain...
The creek is flooding and I can’t get to Harmony House my jewellery design studio.
So I crank up the Motown Music and sit for hours on end in my office designing a new range of earrings and pendants.
The creative and creating process…is one of the best parts of my business. Plucking thoughts and possibilities out of my mind and putting them to paper and play and ultimately finished jewellery. This particular jewellery range is something very different than anything else I’ve done before, and is based on my flower photography (my own) from as close as my back yard, to as far away as South America, China and Indonesia.
The photo’s on this posting are some that will eventually become pendants and earrings, set in sterling silver…I’ll keep you posted!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dad Turns 81 Today...How cool is that?

Photo: Dad and Mom visiting with us in Bali last year...
My dad turns 81 years old today…how cool is that? This man is 50% of the parental equation I call Mom and Dad, and together they helped form, mold, guide and most of all encourage me to grow into the person I am today. I am lucky and blessed beyond belief. What a gift.
Happy 81st birthday Dad!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday Morning Off!

Sunday morning...I open my eyes and realize it's a blessed day off. After weeks of non-stop work and travel I can hardly wait to have some real time to myself. I take my cup of coffee outside in the early morning sunshine and sit on the steps of the veranda and sip and look out at the wonders of the morning ...Suddenly I hear a loud PLOP, and knowingly look toward the creek just in time to see the most spectacular Azure Kingfisher fly out of the water with a tiny silver fish in it's beak.
There is really no way to describe how stunning and remarkable this bird is. Flashes of cobalt blue/amethyst purple and a chest of orange/red shine in the morning light.
I watch as he plunges in the creek over and over almost always coming out with another fish in his beak.
I take another sip of coffee….

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Girls Just Wanna' Have Fun Carnival Earrings!

There are two "givens" when understanding the abc's of who I am...I love jewellery of all kinds and I love colour. Here's the latest just plain ole' fun earrings from Renee Blackwell Design. If they don't put a smile on your face, well I "just don't wanna' know ya"!!! Over the many years of making and designing jewellery, the "Carnival" jewellery is still one of my best and most popular sellers...Do they put a smile on your face?
And speaking of the happiness of colour, how about this quote:
"Color is joy. One does not think joy. One is carried by it.
- Ernst Haas