Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday Morning Off!

Sunday morning...I open my eyes and realize it's a blessed day off. After weeks of non-stop work and travel I can hardly wait to have some real time to myself. I take my cup of coffee outside in the early morning sunshine and sit on the steps of the veranda and sip and look out at the wonders of the morning ...Suddenly I hear a loud PLOP, and knowingly look toward the creek just in time to see the most spectacular Azure Kingfisher fly out of the water with a tiny silver fish in it's beak.
There is really no way to describe how stunning and remarkable this bird is. Flashes of cobalt blue/amethyst purple and a chest of orange/red shine in the morning light.
I watch as he plunges in the creek over and over almost always coming out with another fish in his beak.
I take another sip of coffee….

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