Sunday, February 28, 2010

Aquamarine...Birthstone for March

So, so beautiful. Aquamarine...Lucky you if your birthday falls in the month of March.
By the off the design table...stackable rings are now available in Aquamarine....go to: then stackables. (So new, I have not even listed them on the website, but if you would like to order one, simply choose any stone on the order form, but in the comment box type:

who knew?
Aquamarine is found in Brazil, India, Russia (Ural mountains) and USA (Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, North Carolina, Colorado and Vermont). Aquamarines are mined in a number of exotic places including Nigeria, Madagascar, Zambia, Pakistan and Mozambique. Brazil is the source of the finest aquamarines.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"Must Have Gifts" ...the name says it all!

The lovely and amazing Felicity, owner of Must Have Gifts and Myself....girls really do just wanna' have fun!
I invite everyone to visit one of my lovely stockist on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, called: "Must Have Gifts". This amazing and beautiful shop located in Coolum, Queensland has stocked Renee Blackwell Design jewellery ever since it opened over 5 years ago.
A well established favourite with both locals and visitors it boasts an eclectic mix of the desirable and beautiful.

Shop 10, 21 Birtwill Street, Coolum Beach, QLD 4573
(07) 5446 3055

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Inspiration...Everywhere I look!

I am often asked where my inspiration comes from for my jewellery designs. The easy answer is "all around my daily life and travels"...and the harder or more truthful answer is to delve deeper into the easy answer!

For example, when I say..."all around me and in my daily life" what I mean is the vast beauty of our 50 acre property in the southeast hinterland of the Sunshine coast of Queensland. Stunning. Remarkable. Living with and amongst nature 24/7. Yes, this means snakes, but I share my home with so many other animals-birds, turtles, platypus, bush turkeys, large and small lizards, bats, kangaroos and wallabies and so much more. Not once in awhile, but every single day.

I also have the beauty of the trees, bush's plants and flowers. Changing daily and moment by moment. A flower that was closed tight in the morning, might be half open when I walk down for lunch and by late afternoon open in it's full glory. Inspirational? bet!

And then their is my traveling life. As a part of my jewellery business, Renee Blackwell Design I travel ALOT! I love and cherish this part of my life, meeting new people, seeing new places and simply taking it all in...

So here's a question to ponder today...Who or what inspires make you a better person, to open your eyes and heart or just give a different outlook on life? I would love to hear from you...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Flowers of Bali....

Of the many things I could write about my last 10 days on the sublime Indonesian Island of Bali, I choose to share a few of my favorite flower shots. Party for the colour, and partly because each time I look at these pictures, a happy smile appears on my face. These flowers are gems of the earth, or perhaps a reflection of the very soul of Mother Earth. I invite you to spend a moment in peace as your eyes feast on the colours, soaking up in your minds eye the stunning and overwhelming beauty of Bali.


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