Friday, December 11, 2009

One person can make a difference...

One of my favourite saying has always been: “One person can make a difference” fact it’s been a sort of creed to which I hope to always live by. Well, this week that one person in my life was a delightful customer named Arthur. It started with an e-mail saying….”we purchased a bracelet from you a few years ago…attached is the photo…can you make my wife a matching necklace and earrings?...

I called Arthur and we had a chat…I asked if this was for Christmas (time factor here…) and he said “No…every day that you wake up is Christmas…” and we continued to talk about everything and anything for the next half hour…His attitude and outlook is very refreshing and positive and just plain old fashioned happy… gotta love that!. (Arthur says his wife has a large collection of lovely diamonds, pearls and estate jewellery, but all she wants is more (Renee Blackwell Design) Now that puts a smile on my face!

So I made the pieces, sent them off and received the following e-mail along with another order.

Dear Renee,

To say that my wife was overjoyed by our last purchase of one of your magnificent creations would be a big understatement.

Your eye for colour and style detail is surperb. All I asked is would you be able to match with some existing earrings and the result was out of this world!!

I would be only too happy to recommend your product and service to anyone.

In appreciation

Arthur MOORE.

Now, the point of sharing this is not to toot my horn (maybe a tiny bit)….but the share how big a seemingly small thing can be. Not because it's Christmas or any other special time of the year...but because you and I can always make a difference-I really believe this!

Thank You Arthur…you are the one person who made a difference in my life this week.

btw....the photo's on this posting are just a few of my terrific and happy customers....

also, just a reminder-I put up new posting every Friday-Aussie time and all spelling is in Aussie!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Sweet, Soothing, Cooling Green.....

The first 2 photos are shots of one of my all time fav. pendants- Components:Top to Bottom
Pewter Fresh Water Pearl,
Vintage FRench Button 1940's ers
Vintage Pressed German Glass late 1940's
All hand set in Sterling Silver.

It's summer here in southeast Queensland and it's darn hot! Clarina (grand friend and USA Rep. for Renee Blackwell Design) will be arriving on Dec. 17th from cold, wet Seattle and is she ever in for a shock! Keeping this in mind I'm thinking COOL, GREEN....soothing! O- and please bring on the rain...our poor creek is so dry Mr. Platypus must be very upset!
These next two shots are soothing to the eyes.... Bali rice fields last year..a beautiful, beautiful sight. The last photo is a "man fern" in one of my flower gardens, which we dug up from the side of the road a few years back as a wee little green thing!

btw...check out my updated website (Renee Blackwell Design) and remember if you order before Dec. 16th for overseas orders you will receive your jewellery by Christmas...for Australian order up until Dec. 20th. Christmas is on the way.....
Also....check out my Beatiful Skin Website...order a bottle! You will be so glad you did...

Friday, November 27, 2009

Green Living Magazine comes to visit, interview and shoot a Zillion Photo's!

Last Friday a delightful couple flew up from Sydney to spend 24 hours with us at our home in the Australian bush. The focus of the visit was an interview by the charming Carla, freelance journalist and her husband James, a professional photographer. This interview will eventually be featured in Green Living Magazine, a glossy magazine with an environmental and sustainable living focus. Although I have not actually blogged about this aspect of our life, it is a large focus of our life and daily living. We are 100% solar, grow at least 50% of our food, have a composting toilet (no water/no flush) and have a pesticide free 50 acres that we collectively call “Hazelwild Retreat”.
I had a sneak read of the article, which Carla has carefully sprinkled bits Renee Blackwell Design in the text as well….
Not sure when it’s due to hit the newsstands, but will keep you posted!

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Shannon Garson Ceramicist Par Excellance!

I have wanted to write about my lovely friend Shannon Garson for some time now. After visiting her new studio yesterday, I came home determined to share this inspiring, talented and dedicated ceramic potter with the whole of the world…or at least those in the blog world!

By the way…Shannon’s blog is:

I have a personal collection of her work-bowls, jugs, pitchers and small cups, which features beautiful and delicate butterflies. I add a new piece each year, when I visit her annual home/studio exhibition. My collection sits as a group on the top of my refrigerator, where I see and admire them each and every day.

The one word that defines every piece Shannon creates is exquisite. She has an amazing eye for detail and the fine hand drawing/decorations on each piece are botanically correct and accurate. She has a variety of themes and collections, most featuring Australian plants or insects, such as the butterfly or dragonfly. Her colours and colour combinations are also beautiful.

I encourage you to visit her website

which features much more about her work, her inspiration and the life of this talented porcelain potter and artist.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Earth tone Pendants...Enjoy a peek!

I'm in an "Earthy" sort of mood-at least colour-wise! I love the colours of browns, pewters, mossy greens and golds....
Here are some photo's of my favourite "Earth Tone" Pendants-These pieces have sold and are no longer available to purchase, but delightful to look at! For current offerings visit my website at:
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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Moree, I come!

My relationship with the country town of Moree goes way, way back to when I was tripping round' Australia as a mid-20's backpacker.

Fast forward many years later, and Moree once again flashes on my radar. The Moree Gallery has carried my jewellery for some 8 or 9 years now, ranking as the single longest stockist of Renee Blackwell Design in Australia. So, the car is packed and off we go to do our second exhibition there. We were there 5 years ago, and had a blast! I'm really looking forward to this, as some of my most true-blue customers are in the remote country towns of this amazing country...Australia!
Some photo's of Jewellery that will be available at the showing...

Friday, October 30, 2009

New York-New York...You're still on my mind....

Been home over 3 weeks now and it's been a blur. Busy with all things Renee Blackwell Design. Very, very busy. But I am well aware that the other option is...well...not busy and for me and my jewellery business that would not be a good thing. So, I fly to Sydney for 2 whirl-wind days....spend lots and lots of time at Harmony House my studio, and wake at 5 am ready to go!

(It's Friday again and time for a posting...I try to make weekly postings happen on a Friday-Thursday for my American readers!)

So, let's talk NEW YORK CITY...I adore that city! Spent 10 days there less than a month ago and I'm already ready to go back...wanna' join me?

Saw the delightful and amazing Carrie Fisher in a one woman show called: "Wishful Drinking" she was a total hoot! Laughed my lips off...

Also saw Isabella Rossellini at a giant bookstore where she was doing a book signing and talking about her new mini-series called: :"Green Porn0..." Awesome. She was just so, so, so.......sigh, lovely!
What I loved about both women is they are in their 50's and 60's and still going strong...still working their craft in their own unique ways. They were both very famous and in the limelight for many years in their own right...but all these years later with that fickle light of fame fading, they are doing the Nike... "just doing it"...

Stayed at a great spot called "Country Inn the City", on West 77th...great location and great digs...

That's just a tiny taste...the feast of New York goes on and on...

Have a grand week!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


As I looked thru' my photo's from Paris, I find many have the colour red as a this posting are a few fun and random shots for your
red moments...Most of these were taken thru' the windows of shops as I walked by. (Except for the amazing red, round sofa which is in the Louve)

Love the chicks red hair, red beads and red works in my book!

One of my own designs featuring a stunning red stone....
Sterling silver with Vintage German glass "Siam Red" era 1940's...
by Renee Blackwell Design

Friday, October 16, 2009

Cedar Creak Dreaming....

A year ago, I designed a collection of beaded necklaces called "Cedar Creek Dreaming", partly based on the colours and feel of this beautiful creek.
These were on offer at an Exhibition I was involved in at Holdens Gallery in Maleny. (Holdens continues to stock a wide range of my work...)

I bring this up now, because with summer upon us, (here in Australia) the creek has so many beautiful colours, smells, animals and feeling to offer. I cross this creek every single day on my way to Harmony House, my design studio and I always see or experience something different! A plant in flower, a bird or bird call or just a change of colour in the water.
When we first moved to this property nearly 11 years ago, I discovered we have Platypus living in the clean, beautiful waters of Cedar creek, directly in front of our home. I have since grown to love these unusual and amazing creatures.

Trivia:A baby platypus is called a "puggle."
Here are a few shots of necklaces from the "Cedar Creek Dreaming" collection and a few shots of the creek itself!

Life is Rich and Full...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fashion Friday....Beautiful!

Renee Blackwell Design Jewellery on Model:
Single drop pendant of inlay Pau Shell and Onyx, set in sterling silver.

This past Friday, I had the pleasure of participating in "Fashion Fridays" at the Wyne Bar Restaurant in Maroochydore, where my jewellery was featured along with the latest fashions from Gingers Boutique, in Buderim.
(Gingers has carried my jewellery for a number of years now, and is an exceptional boutique)
What fun to see my creations presented on fabulous professional models! The event was partly to raise money for the Cindy Mackenzie Breast Cancer Foundation and I am happy to say we donated 10% of the days jewellery sales to this valuable local cause.

Also featured at the fashion event, was a delightful range of clothing from new sunshine coast designer Simone Leete called "MiMi First"
Check it out, either on line or at Gingers'll love the concept and quality AND designs as much as I do!

About MiMi FiRST® Fashion Clothing for Real Women
MiMi FiRST® offers women quality fashion essentials. The easy care wardrobe basics are available for re-order forever and always. MiMi FiRST is not dictated by seasonal trends, providing the client with functional styles which are feminine and have a reliable fit. The collection is updated with the introduction of new colours and styles while the original collection will always remain.

by the pink hi-lights in my text are hot links to sites and more information....

Monday, October 5, 2009

Glass-Colour-Light...Stained Glass Beauty!

All round Paris I found beautiful stained glass windows...from the Basilique du Sacré-Cœur, the Louve or just walking the streets. I love glass and colour and light, which is why I find stained glass so lovely and uplifting. I think you can easily see how this inspires my jewellery designs. These stained glass photo's are just random shots as I walked the streets and museums.
Colour thru' light....beautiful and magic!

I'm looking forward to working with bold, primary colours in the near future...cobalt blue, fire-red and sunshine yellow....

Find out more about stained glass....