Friday, December 11, 2009

One person can make a difference...

One of my favourite saying has always been: “One person can make a difference” fact it’s been a sort of creed to which I hope to always live by. Well, this week that one person in my life was a delightful customer named Arthur. It started with an e-mail saying….”we purchased a bracelet from you a few years ago…attached is the photo…can you make my wife a matching necklace and earrings?...

I called Arthur and we had a chat…I asked if this was for Christmas (time factor here…) and he said “No…every day that you wake up is Christmas…” and we continued to talk about everything and anything for the next half hour…His attitude and outlook is very refreshing and positive and just plain old fashioned happy… gotta love that!. (Arthur says his wife has a large collection of lovely diamonds, pearls and estate jewellery, but all she wants is more (Renee Blackwell Design) Now that puts a smile on my face!

So I made the pieces, sent them off and received the following e-mail along with another order.

Dear Renee,

To say that my wife was overjoyed by our last purchase of one of your magnificent creations would be a big understatement.

Your eye for colour and style detail is surperb. All I asked is would you be able to match with some existing earrings and the result was out of this world!!

I would be only too happy to recommend your product and service to anyone.

In appreciation

Arthur MOORE.

Now, the point of sharing this is not to toot my horn (maybe a tiny bit)….but the share how big a seemingly small thing can be. Not because it's Christmas or any other special time of the year...but because you and I can always make a difference-I really believe this!

Thank You Arthur…you are the one person who made a difference in my life this week.

btw....the photo's on this posting are just a few of my terrific and happy customers....

also, just a reminder-I put up new posting every Friday-Aussie time and all spelling is in Aussie!

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