Friday, December 4, 2009

Sweet, Soothing, Cooling Green.....

The first 2 photos are shots of one of my all time fav. pendants- Components:Top to Bottom
Pewter Fresh Water Pearl,
Vintage FRench Button 1940's ers
Vintage Pressed German Glass late 1940's
All hand set in Sterling Silver.

It's summer here in southeast Queensland and it's darn hot! Clarina (grand friend and USA Rep. for Renee Blackwell Design) will be arriving on Dec. 17th from cold, wet Seattle and is she ever in for a shock! Keeping this in mind I'm thinking COOL, GREEN....soothing! O- and please bring on the rain...our poor creek is so dry Mr. Platypus must be very upset!
These next two shots are soothing to the eyes.... Bali rice fields last year..a beautiful, beautiful sight. The last photo is a "man fern" in one of my flower gardens, which we dug up from the side of the road a few years back as a wee little green thing!

btw...check out my updated website (Renee Blackwell Design) and remember if you order before Dec. 16th for overseas orders you will receive your jewellery by Christmas...for Australian order up until Dec. 20th. Christmas is on the way.....
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