Sunday, November 22, 2009

Shannon Garson Ceramicist Par Excellance!

I have wanted to write about my lovely friend Shannon Garson for some time now. After visiting her new studio yesterday, I came home determined to share this inspiring, talented and dedicated ceramic potter with the whole of the world…or at least those in the blog world!

By the way…Shannon’s blog is:

I have a personal collection of her work-bowls, jugs, pitchers and small cups, which features beautiful and delicate butterflies. I add a new piece each year, when I visit her annual home/studio exhibition. My collection sits as a group on the top of my refrigerator, where I see and admire them each and every day.

The one word that defines every piece Shannon creates is exquisite. She has an amazing eye for detail and the fine hand drawing/decorations on each piece are botanically correct and accurate. She has a variety of themes and collections, most featuring Australian plants or insects, such as the butterfly or dragonfly. Her colours and colour combinations are also beautiful.

I encourage you to visit her website

which features much more about her work, her inspiration and the life of this talented porcelain potter and artist.

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