Friday, October 16, 2009

Cedar Creak Dreaming....

A year ago, I designed a collection of beaded necklaces called "Cedar Creek Dreaming", partly based on the colours and feel of this beautiful creek.
These were on offer at an Exhibition I was involved in at Holdens Gallery in Maleny. (Holdens continues to stock a wide range of my work...)

I bring this up now, because with summer upon us, (here in Australia) the creek has so many beautiful colours, smells, animals and feeling to offer. I cross this creek every single day on my way to Harmony House, my design studio and I always see or experience something different! A plant in flower, a bird or bird call or just a change of colour in the water.
When we first moved to this property nearly 11 years ago, I discovered we have Platypus living in the clean, beautiful waters of Cedar creek, directly in front of our home. I have since grown to love these unusual and amazing creatures.

Trivia:A baby platypus is called a "puggle."
Here are a few shots of necklaces from the "Cedar Creek Dreaming" collection and a few shots of the creek itself!

Life is Rich and Full...

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