Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rainy Day, Happiness and Flower Power!

Rain and more rain...
The creek is flooding and I can’t get to Harmony House my jewellery design studio.
So I crank up the Motown Music and sit for hours on end in my office designing a new range of earrings and pendants.
The creative and creating process…is one of the best parts of my business. Plucking thoughts and possibilities out of my mind and putting them to paper and play and ultimately finished jewellery. This particular jewellery range is something very different than anything else I’ve done before, and is based on my flower photography (my own) from as close as my back yard, to as far away as South America, China and Indonesia.
The photo’s on this posting are some that will eventually become pendants and earrings, set in sterling silver…I’ll keep you posted!

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