Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Art and Colour of Sushi...

Call me crazy, but doesn’t Sushi fall into the category of Adornments of the Soul?

Fun and Festive-Check

Great to look at-Check

Good for the tummy-Check

Artistic and inventive-Check


Because I don’t EVER cook, I have never actually made sushi, but I do seek out the good Sushi restaurants wherever I travel. For example, few months ago when I was in Melbourne for 4 days, I treated myself to sushi 4 times!

(But if you do this U-Tube Video......How to Make Sushi

or go HERE or for sushi supplies in Australia...go Here

Many, many years ago, I made jewellery under the label “Wild Thing Wearable Art”…and it was indeed wild. At that stage I would have probably been tempted to hang an ear wire on some particularly delectable piece of sushi and called it jewellery….I’m still tempted by the actual concept of this.....hmmmmmmmmmmmmm… to the studio I go!

Of course there are those who do make sushi jewellery...for example: Here..... image by abitofeverythingbymizjj