Friday, May 14, 2010

Gotta' Love Your Own Business...

Friends and Customers....

Owning a business is a blast…I love it and wouldn’t have it any other way.

My jewellery business Renee Blackwell Design was not a concept, nor a business plan. Rather it grew and grew like a small seed planted, then nurtured with love, care, joy and excitement. I look back over the years, holding the tiny seed in one hand, and today holding a joyous bouquet of flowers in the other hand, which I feel are the “fruits of my labor”.

Choosing stones with Clarina, USA rep. for Renee Blackwell Design
Some of my loyal customers....

I am often asked what I like the best about my business. Is it the travel, searching for interesting and amazing components for my one of a kind pieces? Or meeting the rainbow of people that I buy stones from, some far, far away and many right in my own backyard? Is it the excitement of my very LOYAL customers who enjoy my finished pieces as much as I enjoy designing them? Is it the hour upon hour I work on my own in my studio Harmony House, or the husband who calls and says: “It’s my wife’s 40th birthday and I want to get her something special….”

YES to all the above….I can honestly say, I love and enjoy each and every step along the way.

Ken, one of my all time fav. stone cutters and all round' great guy!

The gals from Central Jewellers in Toowoomba-FANTASTIC jewellery shop in the heart of Grand Central Shopping Centre, stocking a beautiful assortment of Renee Blackwell Design.

Shop 21, Grand Central Shopping Centre, Margaret Street
Toowoomba QLD 4350
(07) 4632 2677

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