Sunday, May 23, 2010

Jasper my new little man.....

Not actually a Jasper stone (Above) but a beautiful black and white snowflake Obsidion stone set with black onyx in sterling silver, by Renee Blackwell Design.
Jasper and me....last night just before (his) bedtime...night time cuddles are the best!
Black and White Jasper stone....
Dalmatian Jasper

I’ve already written a blog posting about my adorable new puppy, Jasper. I’ve been told however, that the photos did not appear on the blog site. Odd, but never mind that… So here are photo’s taken just last night of the wonderful new man in my life at 9 weeks old….Today I might add was our first day at puppy school. He rocked!

Did you know Jasper is actually a black and white stone? How perfect for a black and white Border Collie!

More about the Jasper (the stone) HERE.

More about Border Collies HERE.

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