Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Amazing Felt work fom Christina...

Above photo...Christina, the artist. This shot was taken a few years ago at the JAA Jewellery Show. She's got class, style, charm and a warm heart! On top of this...check out her wonderful felt work...

The Interview....

1. How did you become interested in felting?

It was at an exhibition of a group of students from Box Hill Tafe in Melbourne who had completed their diploma of Textile Art. On Display was most amazing white wedding dress designed and made by Ruth Benjamin it was so finely felted in silk and wool and it was truly magnificent. From that day on I wanted learn the art of felting and that led me the Halls Gap.

I went to the Grampian’s Textile Forum at Halls Gap in country Victoria and did a beginners Felting course for 2 days. I had an excellent teacher Rose Kingsmill who taught us many of the different techniques in felting. She made the experience so much fun. I left there inspired.

2.Where do you do your felting work?

We live in Kilmore in country Victoria on a 74 acre property. I have set up one of our 4 bedrooms upstairs as a workroom. It is a beautiful place to get inspired, looking out across the country side.
3.How long have you been working with felt?

I started about 3 years ago. I am relatively a new comer to the world of felting.

4.Where do you see your designs "going?"

I hope to have an exhibition of my work in the near future. It would be great to see everyone I know wearing one of my felted scarves. I would love to open a small gallery somewhere in the country or by the sea.

Have you been involved with other sorts of craft or design?

I finished a 4 year apprenticeship in Jewellery making and became a qualified Jeweller. From there I moved into design. From an early age I have been surrounded and inspired by a very talented family of artists. My sister who is a textile artist, my mother who is a spinner and weaver and my father who was a wood turner.
6.Do you give classes? If so, where?

I haven’t started teaching classes but maybe in the future. For now I am happy to keep doing workshops to improve my skills.

7.What is your favorite: Colour, smell, taste, flower and person?

Colour would have to be pink. The smell would be when I walk out my back door in spring the perfumes in the air a mixture of flowers and trees. My favorite flower is an old fashioned scented Rose and my favorite person there isn’t just one but if you could bunch my family together into one person it would be that person.

8.Who would you most like to have dinner with?

Catherine O’Leary she is one of Australia’s leading felt and textile artist.
9.What one word describes you?

I asked my husband that question and he said Bubbly, I would have to say I love colour for me it would be that I am colourful.
10. Anything else you wold like to add?

I find Felting very relaxing. It takes me somewhere else into my creative world. I love the way you can start a garment with this fluffy soft wool in fabulous colours and watch the fibres shrink and knit together. It is amazing how you can Incorporate other fibers yarns and fabrics, embellish and decorate so it all comes together to form a beautiful piece of art.

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