Thursday, September 9, 2010

Meet Tarren Otte...Synchronised swimming for Australia

I meet lots and lots of people through my jewellery business and my endless travel. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know I try and share some of these interesting people with you. This is one of my favorites!

Meet Tarren Otte-Synchronised Swimmer.

Tarren will be flying to India in October for the CommonWealth games....Go-Baby-Go!


1.How, when and where did you become involved in Synchronised swimming? I started doing synchronized swimming 17 years ago. I had school swimming lessons and was invited to attend a training session by my swimming teacher. I have never looked back.

2.How often and where do you train? Do you have a coach? I train in the water 5 mornings a week. 2 of the mornings I do squad swimming before my synchro training. My coach is the National Head Coach - Anna Nepotacheva and I train at the Victoria University aquatic and Fitness Centre.

3.What do you like the most about your sport? What do you find challenging about it? I love that Synchronized swimming is so different. It is a bit of everything rolled in to one sport.
Synchronized Swimming is not only physically challenging but also mentally tough.

4.Where did you grow up and where do you currently live? For most of my childhood I grew up in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. I lived in Mooroolbark until I was 14 then moved to Port Melbourne with my mum and step dad. Although moving to Port Melbourne I stayed at Lilydale High School to finish my VCE as I could not bare changing schools and leaving my friends.
I currently live in Middle Park with my boyfriend, Devinda and our two dogs, Axl Rose & Marli.

5.What is your next event? I am off to China in September for the World Cup where I will compete in the Team and Solo events. From there I head home for one week then off to Delhi for the Commonwealth Games where I will compete in the solo event.

6.How are you funded? Funded??? What is this (haha)... I currently fund my own training, competition and travel costs through the help of fundraising. But I wouldn't be where I am now if it wasn't for my mum, she helped a lot previously.

7.What is your favourite colour, food, smell and place to visit? My favourite colour is Pink, food is Pizza, smell is frangipani and place to visit is Spain but this is only one of many.

8.Anything else you would like to comment on or say? After 17 years in the sport, 11 years competing for my country and 1000's of hours training, The Commonwealth Games will be my final competition. I have made this decision as Synchronized Swimming receives no funding and I can no longer afford it. As I am a qualified PE teacher it is time to work full time, earn a living and become a normal person (whatever that means).

Thanks to everyone who has supported me over the past 17 years!!!

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