Friday, April 9, 2010

Mary Rose Pottery....Simply Breathtaking!

Cups & Mugs
Ever heard of this chick? Mary Rose Pottery.....check her out! Amazing.
She really is one amazing just about everything about her work...colour, texture, happiness. My good friend Felicity purchased a piece of Mary Rose's work which she gifted to me..a lovely small bowl-This is where my rings live. (OK...not all of them, but a few at a time..)

Mary Rose Young is a ceramic artist who lives and creates her pottery in the Forest of Dean in the UK. Each piece carries the individuality of the artist's own hand with her unique blend of beauty and humour.

She works with a team of 5 artists and her pieces find their way to homes around the world.

Mary Rose Video

A short video of Mary Rose "Throwing" originally intended to form the website's start page.

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