Monday, April 5, 2010

Feelin' Groovey.....Just plain ole' happy!

Do you ever just FEEL GOOD..I mean really, really good?

Actually most everyday, I feel good but today…well it’s just a beautiful day!

I am having a serious case of the happies....So, if you happen upon my blog today…

Smiles and Sunshine and a heart full of love to you!

I am Happy...

I am very happy

Because I have conquered myself

And not the world.

I am very happy

Because I have loved the world

And not myself.

By: Sri Chinmoy

From: The Divine Hero, Published by Watkins

Happiness Conference in Sydney-May 5th and 6th....Very Cool!
For information go HERE... an attitude of respect and concern for other beings, we can create an atmosphere of happiness, real harmony and real brotherhood. DalaiLama

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