Friday, January 8, 2010

The Ying and Yang of Colour...

One o f my fav. "neutral" looks...silver/taupe from head to toe....
Renee Blackwell Design Pendant..."Mother of Pearl, inlay with 18kt. gold foil, set in sterling silver.

By now, everyone knows I love colour….

It shows itself throughout my home in deep rich burgundy, reds, golds, rich greens and burnt oranges. You can see it at “Harmony House” my working studio, which is where I both design and make all things “Renee Blackwell Design".

This is my sanctuary, and is filled to the brim with beads, stones, buttons, metal findings and “found objects” from the 4 corners of the globe, in every imaginable colour. Colour is also a vibrant part of my gardens which I have planted out with a wild and wonderful assortment of flowers, blooming at the moment in every colour of the rainbow.

But when it comes to my clothing….what I wear everyday, things take a turn. I love to wear neutral. I love silvers, taupe’s, grays, blacks, deep pewter…and I especially favour odd colour tones...that strange shad of dusky pink or weird and wonderful sage green. Although my jewellery designs reflect a huge variety of colours and colour combinations, when it comes to my own personal jewellery…you guessed it…Neutrals!

I love these boots...not sure what colour they actually are, but neutral all the way~!
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