Friday, January 15, 2010

Haiti....How Can I Help?


My God…Another Earth Disaster, this time touching the tiny, poor and helpless island country of Haiti. (The Dominican Republic and Haiti “share” the island)

I have been to this island, although I didn’t venture to the Haitian side, rather staying on the Dominican Republic side. I spent part of a day in a small Amber “factory” watching with fascination the cutting, polishing and working of this beautiful stone, which is found on the island.

To say this island is poor is an understatement….there really are no words.

Feeling helpless and wondering what to do, I realize once again that monetary donations are really the best answer. This allows those who are trained to go and do their job.

Here’s the deal..I am auctioning a new Renee Blackwell Design pendant…(see above photo’s) with 100% of the profit going to the Red Cross/Haiti Relief fund.

Bidding starts at $200.00 Australian dollars. This will be run as a “silent” auction, with bids going to my e-mail address:

Just e-mail your bid..the auction will run until the 19th of Jan. with the winning bidder needing to send funds thru’ by the 20th. (Via paypal or I can call anywhere in the world for credit card payment….) The pendant will be sent the next day. I will post the payment/donation authentication on my blog once the process is finished.

Count your blessings and dig deep….

Also, please e-mail, blog, facebook etc. this to anyone and everyone you know!

Pendant-This beautiful one of a kind pendant is features hand cut Amethyst, Vintage Czechoslovakian glass button from the 1940's and Japanese Enamel hand set in sterling silver.

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Unknown said...

Thank you for using your talents to serve those in need. I am Praying in Jesus name.. that your auction will be a fruitful blessing to the suffering people in Haiti. God Bless you, Deborah