Monday, January 4, 2010

New Years Poem.....2010 or Don't Give up Your Day Job!

So I asked my Facebook friends to send in one word for the New Year of 2010... and I said I would write a poem. Here it is.....Enjoy!

This morning I had a dream of awakening…and a magical adventure,
The message was of love, giving and to shun the pretender.

Prosperity in life, faith and perseverance,
To have clarity, courage and shun false appearance.

To call forth my ability for creativity of spirit,
Never to doubt or pause and least of all fear-it.

With hopes to encourage my friends, family and foe
My heart is full of sharing, caring…I’ll go with the flow!

btw...the list of words I had to use were:

Awakening *

Prosperity *


Magical *


Adventure *

Faith *

Perseverance *

Creativity *

Love *

Giving *

Clarity *


Spirit *

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