Friday, October 15, 2010

Irish Claddagh Rings

18k Gold Claddagh Diamond Wedding Set

Irish Claddagh Ring...steeped in history and tradition.


Elaine Bradley said...

Growing up in Dublin I used to scan the antique jewellery shops and spot really, really old claddagh's in gold - mostly men's. They were chunky and hewn looking, much less evolved than today's - almost primitive, which with their age, just added to their beauty. I have a silver claddagh with Marcasite heart. Now I want to make one in silver for my son thanks to your images.

Alex Quinn 82 said...

Owning a piece of celtic jewelry is elegant, unique, and classic. When purchasing celtic jewelery it is important that your piece is authentic, whether it be claddagh rings or wedding rings. Each piece has its own meaning and symbolism that originates from Ireland, which is why it is a great to have in anyone's jewelry collection.

Milliscent Morgan said...

I say that ring is the symbol of love and commitment so I prefer to have a couple ring like Irish wedding rings on my special day of giving myself to special guy.