Friday, October 1, 2010

October Birthstone:Opal

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Boulder opals are graded into specific groups (listed below) which have been defined by the Australian Gemological Association:

Boulder black opal
Boulder crystal opal
Boulder light opal
Boulder matrix opal
Yowah nuts

Boulder splits
Seam and vein opal
Sandstone opal
Pipe opal
Wood opal


After much searching, I have finally found THE Opal that I will use for the upcoming IOJDA (International Opal Jewellery Design Awards). This is a bi-annual, international competition where all pieces entered must include Australian Opal. The previous IOJDA competition I submitted two rings and was in the finals with one of these….I have big hopes for this next one!

So, now that I have my Opal the trick is to “let the mind go” and come up with the design to top all others! At this stage, all I know is it will be a mixture of 18kt. Gold and Sterling silver and most probably a pendant/necklace….Stay tuned for my progress!

Ps…none of the Opals in the photos is the one I’ve purchased to use in my design….I have actually left it with the Opal dealer to reshape/recut the stone to Exclude a bit of a flaw…

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