Saturday, August 7, 2010

Magnums Butlers.....Read On!

Profile Josephine Ive

I belong to a wonderful organization called: The Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network, which gives me the opportunity to meet many wonderful and interesting women engaged in a huge variety of businesses. A few weeks ago at one of the breakfast meetings Josephine Ive (photo above) was sitting next to me, and during the pre-breakfast chit-chat I learned she has a business (Magnums Butlers) which provides professional training services to butlers and valets and much, much more. I found this so interesting, that I asked Josephine if she would do a “question and answer” session on my blog about what she does, how she got started, etc.

BTW…I love her byline which is:

“The Science Behind Gracious Service”

1.How did you start in this business?

Trained as a classical Chef, ran my own catering business in UK before dropping in at the deep end as a Butler (fortunately my father had been a butler, so he was able to give me a few tips).........decided I liked it so much, gave up my business to become a full time butler with the Lord Chancellors Department, aka High Court Judges, in England. Did that for 7 years before immigrating to Australia. The rest is history as they say, started Magnums, got my first overseas butler training contract with Oriental Hotel in Bangkok and it has just gone from there.

2.Where did you grow up and where do you currently live?

The South coast of England, Highcliffe to be precise, beautiful place on the edge of the New Forest. Now live in Coes Creek, another beautiful area, enjoying being between the sea and the Blackall Ranges

3.What is your favourite country to travel to?

Tough question. As I love traveling to do my work, but probably three countries, Thailand, France and Zambia

4.What is the hardest part of your job/business?

Marketing overseas, both difficult and expensive.

5.What is the most fun part of your job/business?

Creating intellectual property, seeing students blossom with new found knowledge, skills and confidence.

6.How do you get business, customers or clients?

Word of mouth, website, social networking.

7.What "new thing" have you learned in the past week?

That it is OK to admit that you are overwhelmed and tired by your workload, and it is OK to step back for a couple of days without feeling guilty.

8.How do you relax and unwind?

Share quality time with my partner, watch a totally absorbing movie or do a 30 minute Latin dance routine.

9.What is your favourite:

Colour: Watermelon red

Food: Roast Lamb

Drink: Champagne

Song: Parisienne Walkways by Gary Moore

10.Anything else you would like to share?

I am passionate about good service.

I love butler service for its elegance.

I can’t stand ‘passionate insincerity’ of which there is so much these days.

I still miss my first golden retriever Tessa and my calico cat Krug.

If I had the money I would have my hair professionally ‘coiffed’ every day!

I love sourcing unusual gifts for family and friends, and the all important gift wrapping, it’s a therapy for me.

by the do I get my very own butler?


Anonymous said...

Conversation makes one what he is.............................................................

beth said...

Wonderful interview, now I want a butler added to my list.