Friday, March 5, 2010

Dragonflies and "30 Blogs in 30 Days!"

How beautiful! I took this shot down by our creek just before the recent floods...
remember, hot pink highlights=hot links...

Stunning bowl with Dragonflies by Shannon Garson

Dragonfly pendants by Renee Blackwell Design

These photo's are recent pendants featuring vintage French or Czechoslovakian glass buttons from the late 1940's!

I'm having a "re-think" re' this blog...when I first started "Adornments of the Soul" weekly blogs seemed like, not so much.
To kick-start and re-energize my postings I've given myself the lofty goal of "30 blogs in 30 days...."
Hang on and enjoy the ride!

Dragonflies...Love em'....(here's a secret....I have one tattooed on my back!)

Pretty groove Little Black Dress...

Want to know more abut dragonflies and other aquatic insects? Check this chicks blog out:

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