Monday, April 20, 2009

Sydney, Australia...Hard to beat this city!

I have been all over the world, but I must say Sydney is still one of my favorite Cities to visit. I never ever get tired of seeing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Opera House, Botanical Gardens or experiencing the eclectic flavors in every nook and cranny of this magnificent city.
Several years ago my mom and I sailed under the bridge aboard a huge cruise ship at 5 am on a cool morning with the sun just rising and flags flying with hundreds of passengers standing in silence as we glided under one of Australians most recognizable landmarks.

Although my trips to Sydney usually involves work, this past week end was a welcome exception. My traveling buddy the fun and fanciful Michelle, awesome friend and manicurist extraordinaire and I flew down early Friday morning and staggered back on the plane late Sunday evening.
The primary reason for this trip was the Vintage Fair which takes place a couple of time a year in the suburb of Canterbury a quick taxi drive from the city. For anyone who loves cool stuff (open for interpretation!) this is one for the top of the list. Although not a huge show, it is big enough to have good variety and quality, small enough not to be totally overwhelming. The attraction for me is old jewellery, beautiful buttons, glass stones and any sort of antique or vintage components I might find to use in my jewellery designs. Imagine stall after stall of lovely clothing, jewellery, hats, purses and fabric all in exceptional condition. Quality sums up just about any item in this show. Long before most of the clothing we wear ever though of coming over in huge container ships from China or all the other mass markets of manufacturing., these pieces were made with care and attention to detail. No loose buttons, dangling threads or cheap feeling fabric here.

I also appreciate that the stall holders invariably know the intricate details of their wares, which I find fascinating and useful. Connection to source, story and history makes anything found or purchased that much more special.
Sydney Rocks!

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