Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sterling Silver Jewellery is Hot and getting Hotter!

I have found in the past women tend to fall into two groups; "I only wear silver OR I only wear gold jewellery." Over the years this has melted into "I love to mix my gold and silver" and I think this is great! It opens up the options much wider to the kind of jewellery and mix of jewellery available and is a much more contemporary look. I have just been asked by the Australian Jewellery Magazine to submit some of my new silver designs for an article on sterling silver....Here's a sneak preview!


Anonymous said...

This looking very beautiful in these jeweleries.

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sandyxxx said...

I love the summary you put for your work. They describe your work very well. When I first see your creation, it strikes me

immediately is the colors. It is so strong and beautiful. You have very good sense of colors and details and skills of sewing.

Good work!
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sandyxxx said...

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